Tuesday, 19 March 2019


Saruman's armies of Isengard consisted of orcs, uruks, wargs and evil men. I have orcs, uruks and wargs aplenty (more on those in a later post) but not much in the way of evil men. I missed out on grabbing the Wildmen of Dunland minitaures when they were available but I managed to purchase a box set of the Dunlending Warriors metal miniatures, as well as a Command blister and a blister containing the hero Thrydan Wolfsbane (a GW invention I believe?).

The Dunlending Warriors in my collection will be classed as those evil men, and if I can grab a blister or two of Wildmen then this little faction will be complete. There are four variants of the Wildmen, so if I could round out a unit of 12 from three blisters that would be cool. If required, to make up numbers for a Dunland force in future, I may just proxy some 3rd party miniatures like Gripping Beast's Vikings and/or Anglo-Saxons, as these will work out a heck of a lot cheaper.

In total I have 13 foot warriors and one mounted. Looking at the way in which the box set is laid out variants wise, and how the numbers roll after I add in the blister sets, there are either one or two miniatures of each pose by weapon type...

Apologies for the poor photography - my camera phone is not the greatest at taking photos and the light is a bit off at the moment.

1/2 poses Two handed axemen
1/2 poses One handed axemen with shields
1/2 poses Archers
1/2 Bannerman / captains
1/1 foot and mounted Thrydan Wolfsbane

These make for a tidy little strike force that could work well as an elite unit in an Isengard force for the main SBG or as the core of a Battle Companies unit.

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