Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Brytenwalda Command

I am on a bit of a late one tonight, so thought I'd post the latest pictures of the minis I was working on a week or so ago. They are of a new building I bought from a company called Conflix and half-a-dozen Brytenwalda command troops from Gripping Beast.

The new building - a Barn. It is more for use with fantasy miniatures I think, but it will double up nicely for late-ish Medieval. This building has a set of double doors at the left end and the single door you can see in the facing wall. I will get round to buying a few more of these when I see them, to make up a small village...

Here's my foot commander - a Pendragon. Figure by Gripping Beast and shield transfer by LBMS.

Here's another leader type - ditto the figure and shield transfer (although it cannot be seen!).

A third leader type. I like this one as he is in the process of drawing his sword, so it is a just before the action figure. So many figures are either in marching or combat poses these days, it is nice to have one in a different type of pose.

A standard bearer type.

A couple of cornicens.

I still have about a dozen or so heavily armoured troops and some archers to paint up to finish my army. These can then hopefully take on Dunc's Saxon invaders in the very near future.

Still to come:
~20 Splintered Lands Druid's Children
8 EIR Command figures
~6 various fantasy figures
9 Nick Lund Kobolds
Then I can get onto those Warriors of Rohan I have been threatening to get onto the paint station.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Some of Alex's Brytenwalda and LotR minis

Here are the rest of Alex's minis that he finished painting last weekend. They are stood in front of a new building I bought at a show a little while back. It is by Conflix, who produce a good range of what I would consider D&D period buildings. I only have the one so far, but I will buy more over time as I really like them.

First up are a couple of Arthurian leaders for his Brytenwalda forces.

Next up is a Games Workshop Gimli from their Lord of the Rings range. He did a really good job on the claok, but like a doughnut I didn't photograph it in all its glory. He did some great shading work on it.

Finally, here is a Games Workshop Legolas from the same range as Gimli above. He used one of the 'official' painting guides for this one. Again, I think he has done a splendid job.

Next up should be a bunch of my minis, but probably not until early next week as I am off to the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany this weekend, leaving the wife and kids behind. This is my annual pilgrimage to savour the flavours of the finest German beer, food and hospitality.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lord Kaldor Draigo

Here's the next couple of space marines from Alex. First up is Lord Kaldor Draigo. Alex picked this up second hand off a stall at a gaming convention recently at a good price; ready made and undercoated. He has done three-stage shading on this one but I think the shading is too subtle to show up in the photographs - I especially like the way he has painted the face. I think he has painted him as a Space Wolf, thus the bare metal Terminator armour. I am sure when Alex reads this he will sceam at me for being an idiot and let me know what chapter he is actually from, so I will update the post if I have got it wrong.

UPDATE - Yep I got it wrong. He is a Grey Knight!

This next mini is the limited edition one you get from the Assault on Black Reach box set. Again, he got it second hand from a show we attended a little while back. He has painted this one with the block paint and wash method to fit in with the rest of his standard Space Marines. I think his brush work is getting neater and he is making fewer mistakes now; he just needs to start pushing his limits with the 3 stage painting to perhaps a more blended style approach. It will come with time though. It took me thirty odd years to get to where I am (which is not so good) but I didn't push myself, so never really improved after the first year. I wish I had done so as I am now happy with mediocre paint jobs when maybe I could be producing stuff a tad better. I am great at giving the advice but not so good at following it!

Next up should be some more of Alex's figures and then maybe a few of mine.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Vanguard Veterans

It has been a while since I posted last. Last weekend I was working, the weekend before I wasn't feeling too good and the weekend before that nothing was ready to go up on the blog.

Alex and I have been busy and got a few things completed and a few others closer to completion. Over the next few days I will report on Alex's recent output as he has managed to get quite a bit more done than I and there is a bit more of a theme to his work.

First up are some Vanguard Veterans. These are the new resin Citadel Finecast. They came out of the box pretty well except for one slight mould imperfection on a shoulder pad which was put right with a strip of green stuff. Alex moved away from the block painting and 'Dip' with these. He has put on the paint in a 3-Stage process and 'dirtied' the white areas with a light wash of Devlan Mud. They were then dulled down with the usual matt spray varnish. These have been photo'd with each member of the squad getting prime focus each time.

First up is what I used to call a 'womble head', but I think Games Workshop prefer the term 'Beaked' helmet. I think I'll still call them Womble Heads as it keeps me in touch with my youth and the first set of Space Marines I ever bought...

This chap is the sergeant of the squad - noted by his red helmet...

Next up should be some more of Alex's WH40K stuff, as well as a few LotR and Brytenwalda figures he had lying around that he has now finished. My stuff will be presented after I have put up Alex's figures, so hopefully the next few days will have them all displayed.