Sunday, 25 April 2010

Troll Drummer

I really like this mini. It was actually very simple to paint, as it required very few colours.

I now have only three more trolls left to go. A couple of them I will put onto a HotT stand as behemoths to use in the goblin and orc army. The dwarfs have the use of a giant, so that will even things up a bit.

Next week and the following few, I will be finishing off a stack of Judges. These have been hanging around longer than I can remember now, but they are so close to completion, they should only take a few hours to finish.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

More HotT barbarian warriors

Here's the second batch of home cast Prince August barbarian warriors. I mixed and matched the shields with a load of spares I had lying around. These chaps come armed with spears, except the leader type in the centre who has a sword. I will be using them as a stand of spears.

Here's a picture of this week's and last week's units together.

I still have a fair few of these to paint up, so expect more stands over the coming weeks.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Alex at Games Workshop

Alex and I took a trip down to our local Games Workshop on Saturday for a modelling tutorial for Alex. We broke the record of who turned up the earliest for an event - 1 week! I'd misheard the date and/or wrote it down wrong. As a result, Alex missed out on the tutorial (that's this weekend coming) but the kindly chaps at GW allowed him a 30 minute tutorial on Warhammer. They supplied the armies and Alex was an apt and able student.

Alex played Lizardmen and the GW bod played Orcs and Goblins - about 500 points per side. Apologies for not knowing the exact nomenclature of the units...

Alex (Lizardmen)
A small unit of Cold One riders
A unit of Lizardmen infantry
A Level 2 sorceror

GW Staff (Goblins)
A large unit of spearmen
A large unit of archers
A large unit of spider riders
A Level 2 sorceror

The game only lasted a few turns, but helped Alex with understanding the turn sequences.

Set Up
Alex won the roll for set up and made GW set up first
Alex won the roll for 1st turn and decided to go first

Turn 1
Alex advanced his Cold One riders towards the enemy archers and his infantry towards the spider riders but in flank support of his cavalry. He also moved his mage to a more advantageous position and cast his spells - Magic Missile took out 1 Goblin spearman.
GW advanced the spearmen and spider riders to enable them to flank attack the Cold One riders. The goblin archers chose to shoot at the Lizardmen infantry and caused one casualty. The Goblin Shaman's spells were ineffective.

Turn 2
Alex charged into the Goblin spearmen, but rolled an unbelievable amount of 1s and 2s, killing only 3 spearmen. The infantry advanced further and the mage took up an advantageous position to cast his spells but, alas, they failed to cast.
GW flank attacked the Cold Ones with his spider cavalry causing one Cold One to lose his life. The mage fired off his spells, but they were both saved against.

Turn 3
Alex's Cold One riders carried on in combat against the Goblin spearmen and scored a massive amount of damage - they ran away. The footmen advanced close to the rear of the Goblin spider riders. Alex's spells failed again.
GW carried on fighting but the spider riders caused no further damage and the shaman's spells failed to fire.

Turn 4
Alex's Cold One riders turned and faced the spider riders and his infantry were about to rear attack them but time ran out. The GW person conceded defeat and they shook hands on a game well played.

Hopefully we'll get to GW next week for Alex's tutorial but I think we have too much on and won't be able to make it after all.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fantasy Dark Age Hordes of the Things

Here's the first stand of Fantasy Dark Age Hordes of the Things human warriors. They are home cast Prince August figures from the 1980s and I'm not sure if they are still around in the shops. I have lost the moulds now, so cannot cast any more, but I had cast about 30-40 to keep me going.

These could have been photographed at a better angle to show off the axes they are about to swing, but I seem to be hung up on photographing everything from the front at the moment. Hopefully when I photograph them along with all the others for this mercenary band, you'll get to see them with their axes at the ready.

Coming up : More Fantasy DA HotT stands, 2000AD Judges and a few more trolls.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Here's that Troll I have been trying to finish these last few weeks. I don't know who the manufacturer is/was.

There is another troll in the pipeline and after that I think I have three more left that need to be stripped down and repainted. Most of the trolls I have painted so far will be used for fantasy RPG and skirmish gaming but the last few I need to finish will probably be based up for Hordes of the Things. Whne they are all finished I'll get a family photo up.

Friday, 2 April 2010


I managed to sort out the camera - it wound up being a dead USB port on the computer!

Anyway, I have manipulated the size of the following two pictures down so that they fit onto the blog page.

The first picture is of an old Citadel wizard painted up to represent a Wizard of the Fifth Element - The Void.

The next chap has been painted up to represent the Wizards of Fire. He is another old Citadel wizard from the early eighties.

I have given each of the five elements a particular palette of colours. The Fire wizards look a little bright and strange to my eyes, but it is fantasy after all!

I have another half-a-dozen or so to paint up, with representatives from each element. Once completed, I'll get some group shots of each elemental school.

Next up should be a troll and I am putting the finishing touches to some Dark Age warriors for HotT and those 2000AD Judges.