Sunday, 29 November 2009

TKoL on new website

Tavern Knights of Legend has now moved lock, stock and (two smoking?) barrel to the new website...

Knights of Legend

I will be updating TKoL on the new website from now on, allowing me to concentrate on miniature gaming stuff on this blog.


I haven't got much done recently, painting wise, but by next weekend there should be something to put up. I managed to get started on the two giants but I had three very late nights at work this week as well as a trip to watch a rugby match in Manchester (Sale versus Wasps - which was cancelled due to poor pitch conditions) on Friday/Saturday. The trip wound up being just a get together between a few of us - a very nice evening, but a long way to go for just a few pints!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

We're off to see the Wizard...

I feel as though it has been a while since adding some more minis to the blog. I've been a bit busy with lots of other things that have taken over from gaming these past few weeks. There was the geophysical survey at Shooter's Hill for Digging Dad's Army that took up a fair bit of time, the usual work commitments and a serious illness in the family (luckily all is well there now though).

Anyway, back to the minis - Here are the first of my wizard minis. These have been painted to represent wizards of the element Earth. They are both from Ral Partha's ranges from the late 1970s. The one on the left reminds me of Tim the Enchanter from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but I decided not to paint him in black to enforce that image.

A bit out of focus this one, but another couple of Ral Partha figures to represent wizards of the element of Air.
Moving onto the element of Fire, here are a couple more mages. The one on the left is an old Citadel female magic user and the one on the right I think is a Greenwood and Ball (?). The right hand figure had very little detail on it, but the folds of the cloak rescued it somewhat. I have decided to go with a snake motif for Fire - don't know why but it seemed right.

The final terrestrial element to be represented is Water. This is a Citadel wizard from the early eighties. As he had fantastic flowing cloaks I decided water would be the best element for him.

Finally, here's a shot of all the wizards together. Ordinarily they wouldn't mix company but they made an exception for this photo shoot. The only element missing was the Fifth Element - The Void. I have yet to strip down another batch of old mage figures, many of which can be used for the five schools of magic.

Hopefully, this week, I'll get back on target and start to paint more of the backlog. Normally I have a fair few half done, but I don't at this moment, so I am not sure what will be next up. I have two giants grinning at me, and a batch of 2000AD Judges ready to go. Perhaps it will be either of those batches of minis, or maybe something else will grab my attention?

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Knights of Legend website update

I have updated the new Knights of Legend website. See it here...

Knights of Legend website

The data conversion from the old style website to the new one has been quite a challenge - more boring and long winded than technically difficult. I will be working on Tavern Knights next - Hopefully that will be done within the next couple of weeks and then it will be updated directly there in future.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

K-KoL Turn 15 Mid-day Report

Bash the Cleric and Rollo the Barbarian shrouded in white mist, could hear nothing but the crashing of the Coleburn Falls. Communicating in gestures and covered by Strongbow, they cautiously picked their way from one mossy rock to the next until they reached the eastern bank. There, with weapons ready and their eyes honed on the tree line, they waited for the mercenary archer to join them. The feared ambush never came. Judging they were safe, they sought dry wood to kindle a fire.
“Lunch time!” declared Bash, his broad hands rubbing his questionably empty belly.

Xox the Ranger glanced back towards the village of Cragganmore. Goblin warriors frantically searched the buildings and outhouses, overturned wains and barrels, but their quarry had fled. Crouching low and running just off the road, Xox headed north.
The sun was at its zenith when flitting between the tight shadows, Xox the Ranger crept into the ruins of Edradour. He paused, breathing lightly. He heard the clatter of a cooking pot and the lilt of a broken melody playing on unseen lips. Winding between the crumbling walls, he followed the tempting smell of rabbit stew, his feet noiseless on the fallen stones. At last, ahead in a small hollow, he saw Sirrus the cutthroat. His back was turned as he leant, ladle in hand over the pot. The whistling stopped as he raised the stew to his lips. He never tasted his meal, for a bright arrow, whistling its own swift song of death, slammed into his back. Sirrus shuddered and fell, turning the pot over and sending its contents hissing into the fire. Xox swore. He was hungry and that stew would have been a welcome, additional bounty.
Casually Xox walked forward and retrieving the arrow from the dead cutthroat whose purse yielded a single gold coin. Xox pocketed the money and set about the task of pulling rabbit meat from the wet ashes.

Secundus the Mage rested his hand on the ancient, lichen-speckled stone door of the crypt. His fingers traced the worn indentations that were once deep-cut runes. The rumours were true. These markings proclaimed to all those who could decipher their meaning, that this was indeed where, in ages long passed, the Shadowsphere was buried. By whom and why, no one this side of the grave knew, but Secundus the Mage was here now, in sight of Longmorn Pass, to bring it back from its long, uninterrupted sleep.
The cold door yielded to the gentle pressure of his palm. Then, with his staff glowing with magical light, Secundus cautiously stepped into the black maw of the tomb.
Carved deep into the solid rock, the tunnel led down deep into mountain. Secundus walked on. Finally the passage opened into a square-cut chamber. The Mage held his glowing staff forward, casting rays of glittering light on to the low ceiling and solid walls. Only the far end appeared shrouded in darkness. Secondus stepped forward, yet still the blackness held. He then understood, for while the mage’s light penetrated the darkness, in that sepulchral shroud the light stayed, devoured by the all-absorbing artifact that was the Shadowsphere.
Suddenly a shrill scream shattered the silence. From the wall of dead black burst the twisted, near-human forms of snarling goblins, their savage blades shimmering in the magical half-light, their wide eyes burning with rage. Caught off-guard and awestruck, Secundus spat words of power, but the fiends were upon him. The first blade struck, carving deep and crimson. The mage’s staff fell. Its light fled into the hungry void.
The subterranean night closed, granting nothing but pain and screaming death.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

T-KoL Turn 14 (Dawn)

T-KoL Turn 13 (Night) Report Omission

An owl screeched. Xox the Ranger stopped, breathed a sigh of relief and slowly crept forward. Cautiously he approached Cragganmore's inn. Bright yellow light shone through the leaded windows. He carefully avoided its beam until he stood pressed to the cold wall next to the closed casement. The ragged sounds of revelry, shrill, inhuman singing and the wanton smashing of bar-room furniture crashed into the night. Xox leaned into the light, peering through the rippled glass. A scowl passed over his illuminated face for the inn was full of cruel, swaggering goblins, who though full of drink and plundered meat were hungry for bloodshed and full of the savage powers of the night. Xox skulked back into the blackness and into the shelter of an abandoned stable.

T-KoL Turn 14 (Dawn) Report

A stair creaked beneath the heavy weight of an armoured boot. Xox the Ranger's eyes flashed open. Again a wooden groan broke the silence. It was no dream. Swiftly Xox sprang to his feet. In a single motion he stood, his short-sword naked in the half-light. Suddenly, the goblins were upon him, their eyes wide; foul, unintelligible curses on their black, curled-back lips. Xox's blade flashed, smashing the goblins' wild strikes aside and forcing a wide gap between them. He plunged forward into the open rift and through the yawning window. Down he fell, landing softly in the soft load of an abandoned haywain. He roiled and in an instant was on his feet again on the hard, wheel-rutted road.

After pocketing the gold, Rollo the Barbarian sheathed his sword and exclaimed "The dust from those cadavers has left a foul taste in my mouth and your magics have left my head reeling. I need a drink. Let's off to the Black Bottle inn where we can purchase a fine flagon of ale and spin some tales of our famous victory."

"Meeeee?" gasped Bash the Cleric with feigned horror, "Me, head towards an inn?" It was not only Strongbow the hireling archer whose eyebrow noticeably raised. "Well," continued the holy man, "since dawn is now breaking, I'm sure we can all benefit from a hearty breakfast. You've convinced me!"

Rollo laughed and slapped his companion firmly on the back. Bash stood up, dusted himself down and led the way.

It was a tiring trek along the steep and winding track of the Linkwood Forest Road. Unable to bear the maiden An Cnoc’s incessant whining, Rollo the Barbarian finally hoister her onto his broad, manly shoulders and carried her, saving her delicate feet from further trauma. Strongbow the hireling archer redoubled his watch, scanning the tightly packed, moss-hung trees crowding their path, wary for any signs of lurking foes. Finally, scouting just ahead, Strongbow silently signaled to the party to halt. Rollo lowered An Cnoc gently to the ground. She thanked him with a coy smile and gentle blush.

Rollo and Bash crept forward. Through the trees ahead they saw the Black Bottle Inn and staring back at them, Cobra the cutthroat, his long, curved dagger drawn. The corners of his mouth curled wickedly. Bash swiftly recited an ancient canticle and a strange stillness descended. The sly smile fell from Cobra’s lips. He frowned and gritted his teeth, yet soon the passing discomfort dissolved. The cutthroat’s eyes gleamed once more and before Strongbow had strung an arrow the morning air clouded before Cobra as a black swarm of blood bats gathered at his command. An Cnoc swooned. Rollo drew his sword and roaring like a bear at bay plunged into the screaming fog, his shimmering blade whirling before him like a stream of liquid silver until drenched in scarlet rain he stood seething before the lone cutthroat. The bats silent, slaughtered and now nothing more than a quivering crimson carpet at the barbarian’s sandaled feet.

Bash rushed forward his quarterstaff raised. With a treacherous sneer, Cobra the cutthroat lunged with his long, curving dagger towards Rollo’s unguarded loins. Swift and agile as a cat, the barbarian thrust the hilt of his heavy sword hard against the flashing blade. The dagger struck hard steel and shivered. The force of the parry threw the cutthroat back, his hand torn beneath his glove. Then Cobra froze. His wide eyes fell in startled amazement to his chest, pain-wracked and transfixed with the quivering arrow of Strongbow the archer. He struggled to curse his killers but only a crimson flood passed his lips and he fell silent to move no more.

An Cnoc was carried to the inn where the patrons cheered their deliverers. Strongbow took the cutthroat’s purse and split its two Gold Pieces evenly between the heroes Bash the Cleric and Rollo the Barbarian.

Knights of Legend sites back up

Hopefully the Knights of Legend site on is back up again for good now. I didn't get a reply from the Tech Support guys, so hopefully they read my plea and were happy that I was not using the site as a data store and decided to put it back up again. I am glad it is back up as I can now crack on and get the rest of the 2nd story up and running on there, then get to work on moving the third game...

Knights of Legend

I won't have much time during this week to work on figure painting or the web site above, as I am on a geophysical survey on a WW1 / WW2 site in south London. There won't be any photos for that I am afraid as the data will just be of the surveys and not for the public domain - yet. If there is any publishable material, I'll try to put it up as it may be of interest to those gamers whose period is as above.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Latest fantasy and sci-fi figures painted

I should have put these up yesterday, but the battery ran out on the camera. I have since recharged it and present my latest offerings from the painting table. First up is a troll. I cannot remember what make he is - answers on a post card to...

Next up are some Warlord Games Celtic villagers - a crone, a couple of kids and a mangy cur.

Finally, here are some old Citadel Space Farers Imperial Marines. These weren't actually painted by me, but I have rebased and varnished them to bring them up to date with my latest painting style. I only have a very few sci-fi figures - as I mainly hosted fantasy RPG etc back in the day - and I dug them out last weekend. I only have 5 more 25/28mm pre-slotta minis, they are from Dixon's Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy range. They are currently being cleaned up ready for mounting on round bases and undercoating.

What next? Well, I have about half-a-dozen wizard figures half done, the next batch of Harboth's Boys are undercoated and ready to go, as are a couple of giants and a bunch of 2000AD Judges.