Wednesday, 2 June 2010

100 Posts

Today marks a bit of a milestone. This is officially my 100th post on this blog. It only seems like yesterday that I started posting photos of the figures I have been painting from my 30+ year old collection. I have put up many from the 1970s ranges of Ral Partha, as well as numerous 1980s Citadel stuff. I have also published pictures of some old Asgard miniatures and some from manufacturers long gone. To bring the blog up to date, there are postings of minis from Warlord Games' Early Imperial Roman and Celts ranges.

Looking to the future, there are still about 200-250 figures left of my older collections, about 100 or so more historical minis, several hundred Games Workshop Lord of the Rings and a few hundred 15mm minis that will be completed over the next couple of years. I am aiming to buy only a few minis over the coming months to give me time to get these ones painted.

Gaming wise it has been a bit slack. I have been putting off gaming until I get two completed armies/forces, but as soon as they are done I should be able to get some reports up on the blog. My first game system to play, in time for the summer, will probably be Hordes of the Things. Following that it will be LotR:SBG. Alex has finished his Elf army (more on that next post) and I will be starting my Rohan army on the Solstice. These can then be pitted against each other, but the Rohirrim will have to double as a tribe of 'evil' men for now.

I will also be starting work on a new epbm within the next few weeks, with the hope of building some background for a skirmish and RPG game coming up probably next year.

Well, that's enough chat for now. Here's to the next 100 posts.

Thanks again for popping by and reading.

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  1. Congratulations! That's a milestone I got to a couple of posts back too, but managed to post without noting it. Like you I started last year and it's gone very fast.