Saturday, 5 June 2010

Still Trolling along

Lots still on the workbench, but this one was very quick to finish. It is the last of my old trolls. It is a Ral Partha from 1978 or so. It was a doddle to paint as there was very little detail, but the image I had in mind didn't quite come across in paint - the skins I envisaged the troll wearing turned out a little too bright for my liking. Still, it hasn't turned out too badly. This mini will be used for skirmish and RPG gaming when I finally get my act together.

Lots of wizards are due to be completed fairly soon. Hopefully some of them may be up tomorrow. Alex also has a leader type stand of HotT Elves almost ready for display.


  1. Cool! I remember that figure from a long time back. Very nostalgic!

  2. Hi Mark.

    I dug out my old collection of minis just before kicking off this blog - a real trip down memory lane! Many of the minis had been sitting around for 15 or so years in a set of drawers after about 15 solid years of RPGing. About 20 years ago I sold off all my old AD&D stuff and several hundred minis to a colleague at work, otherwise there would have been a lot more to go on the blog. Since then I have only really played sci-fi RPG and a variety of pbms. I am hoping to change this over the next couple of years though and get up and running with a continuation of my old fantasy gaming universe with Version 3 of D&D (I am not keen on V4 from what I have seen so far).