Thursday, 10 September 2009

Missing entry last Sunday

I missed the entry on Sunday just gone due to a heavy workload and lots going on at home. I was hoping to put an update onto the site at least every Sunday, but at times this may be unrealistic - sometimes gaming will be superceded by work and family matters.

Anyway, I haven't managed to get much done gaming wise recently, so things may be a bit thin on the ground this weekend as I have been on an archaeological excavation this week. It is a very unusual octagonal mid-late Roman bath house in Kent. I have had the privilege of excavating the central plunge pool. I am not sure if I am able to publish any pictures, but if I am I will try to get one or two up on the blog.

Gaming wise, I should get the stragglers of the HotT Bugman's Dwarf Rangers finished along with the first unit of Harboth's Black Mountain Boys. I also have 16 Warlord Games Celtic warriors almost completed and that Ral Partha Giant is begging to be finished. Hopefully all of these should be up soon.

I was a bit naughty this week though - I ordered up a few, well 21 actually, Norman cavalry. I know I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any more minis until I had painted huge swathes of my backlog but I couldn't resist. I will probably get a few Norman footmen soon to go with them - I don't have very many fighter types for my fantasy setting and Norman warriors will fit the bill nicely.

Alex and I will be attending Colours 2009 in Newbury this weekend. Mostly just to look around but I may buy some buildings and scenery - I have a distinct lack of this kind of stuff. I will try to get Alex onto a participation game and see what the next period will tempt me after I have completed my Roman and Celtic armies. Not sure if it will be historical or fantasy or sci-fi yet, but there are plenty of periods to choose from.

Hopefully things should get back to normal next week and entries should be a little more regular.

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