Saturday, 12 September 2009

Bugman's Dwarf Rangers (HotT)

I finally finished 12AP for a HotT Dwarf army. All the minis are Bugman's Dwarf Rangers from the old Citadel Regiments of Renown range. I have based up most for HotT and there are half-a-dozen already blogged based for skirmishing. Below is the command unit: Bugman with his standard bearer and musician. The standard is hand painted - my first ever attempt at doing anything remotely artistic with a paint brush. I am attempting to push my artistic talents with every batch of minis and feel I am improving slightly each time, but I am nowhere near the standard most people can achieve. Still, I am happy with these results...

Here is the entire 12AP force of Bugman's Rangers...

I just need to find another 12AP of dwarfs (which I do have in my To Do box) for a full Hordes army. These will appear over the next few months.

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