Saturday, 12 September 2009

Harboth's Black Mountain Boys (HotT)

Another blast from the Citadel past - Harboth's Black Mountain Boys, a Regiment of Renown from the early days of Warhammer. I don't have as many of these as I do of Bugman's Dwarf Rangers, but they will rank up as formiddable enemies for the doughty brewer. I am basing these for HotT as blades - the same as Bugman's Rangers.

I think there are enough to make another 3 bases worth - a 10AP sub-unit for a future orc and goblin army. Hopefully there will be plenty of actual hordes in that army.

I am about to start on the second base of Harboth's Boys and a new unit of Dwarf Blades. I am also hoping to get a few other minis done over the next few days, so hopefully there will be a few more blog entries to come to make up for last weekend's lack.

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