Wednesday, 29 May 2019

LotR Moria Army

Lord of the Rings Moria Army (Prepped and/or Undercoated)

This is the first in a series of follow up posts to the one I made way back in January 2015. The previous post "My Lord of the Rings Armies (The Boxes)" contains details of what I had back then when hardly any had been prepped in readiness for painting. This series of posts will feature each of those armies of the Lord of the Rings minis in turn that I have recently prepped and/or undercoated. There are a few minis that are still at the prep stage (need some putty work to fill a few gaps), but the vast majority of figures are ready to take a lick of colour.

I will follow a similar format with each of these posts, in that I will feature each army arrayed on the tabletop battle map and give a brief overview of what is in that faction.

First up is the army of Moria that I have collected over the almost twenty years since they were initially released. Here is the original pre-prep photo from a couple of years ago...

And here is a photo of the army post prep...

As can be seen there are two main components to this army; the goblins themselves and their troll support. The trolls still require some prep work with green stuff and then a subsequent undercoat with the spray can. A brief listing of the army is as follows...

36 Goblin warriors

Durburz (Goblin King)
2 Goblin captains
1 Goblin Drum
4 Goblin warriors
4 Goblin warriors with bows
4 Goblin prowlers
1 Buhrdur (Hill Troll leader)
3 Cave Trolls

This gives a total of 53 Goblins (plus one drum) and 4 Trolls.

This is one of my smaller armies but it is certainly big enough to give the Fellowship some grief, or a dwarf expeditionary force a run for their money. Once all of the armies have been featured I will begin to stat them up for a variety of games systems and then get onto painting them all, which may be several years in the undertaking!


  1. Ye it nearly 20 years! Nice to see the blog so active again...sorry I can't comment on every time no time!

  2. Thanks Springinsfeld. Not a problem on the comments; each one I do get is an inspiration to keep going. Thank you so much for your support over the last few years :-)