Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Man Cave

Unemployment has its uses. I have been out of work for two months now but I have spent my time and efforts wisely. The blog has been very quiet during this period due to a major project that has been underway - namely, my new Man Cave.

Over the last few weeks I have converted my garage into a new room. I am hoping that it adds value to the property as well as giving us more breathing space in an already over-crowded house. Although I have lost a garage that is too small for modern-day cars (I also have off-road parking, so no loss there) I have gained a 2.3m x 4.9m room.

I have taken a few photos of the work that has been done. I will try to take a few more once the paint and carpet are dry/settled and some of my gaming stuff and utilities are installed.

This is the new door beckoning unsuspecting gamers within (not that exciting really)...


This is the view to the left (behind the open door)...

And finally, the view to the right...

As you can see, I will be sharing the room with our combi-boiler and associated pipework but there is still plenty of room for the freezer, a tumble-dryer, and shelving and cupboards to store all my gaming and comic related stuff.

It appears larger than it is in real life, but there should be enough room for both a desk and a small playing table, so I can set up my PC in there along with my paint station. I am hoping that all of my figures and rulebooks etc. will find a home here so that my wife no longer has to trip over them and have reason to curse my hobby ;-) It will also serve as a retreat for me to be able to read in peace and quiet, and maybe somewhere for the kids to do their homework away from the distraction of the TV and XBoxes etc.

I still have to work out what will fit where and sort out any shelving and racking that is still reqiured. The next few days should see me trying out all combinations of furniture arrangement until I find what fits best.

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  1. Well done, a good use of free time which will pay off in the future. Look forward to seeing it used for a game or battle.