Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My Gaming Table

Yesterday, the gaming room conversion and decorating was finally finished. I had to wait overnight for the various glues and paints to dry and gave it a final hoover and wash down this morning. Today I will be moving in my gaming and comics stuff, but the first thing I thought I would do was set up my gaming table just to see what it looked like.

Here are two views of the table itself. It is set up to represent a small homestead or toll booth/barn located within a small river valley at a ford. It is a generic quasi-historical set-up but the statues by the ford are from Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings range, which give it more of a fantasy twist.

These are more views of the small hamlet by the ford. The building is a Conflix barn and the trees are either from Games Workshop or made by myself from a Woodland Scenics kit. There are a handful of hills and rises that should make for great objectives and line-of-sight blockers.

I will undoubtedly add to the scenery I have here (I have an un-madeup Tabletop Workshop tower and some Renedra barrels and fencing etc.), maybe to create a small village with the aforementioned tower being owned by the local lord from which to safeguard the area and store the river-crossing tolls. The buildings will most likely be a few more Conflix ones but I also really like some of the stuff that Adrian's Walls are producing for their Dark Ages range - all fit into my vision of Middle Earth (Conflix = Gondor etc., Adrian's Walls = Rohan etc.).

I will see about getting the scenery I already have glued up and painted soon, then carry on working on the LotR figures for each faction. As mentioned previously, I will most likely work on the Orcs as they can be generic baddies in any fantasy game.

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