Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Plastic Scenery: Basecoated

This post is a couple of days later than anticipated, but the bulk of the basecoating has been done on the plastic scenery I have been working on. I also managed to find a few more items (Lord of the Rings ruins, Renedra tents) lurking in an old cardboard box to add to the pile.

The wooden buildings and fencing etc. have all had a quick spray of Games Workshop's Rhinox Brown. It is a nice dark brown that I will be using as a basecoat for many of my minis (especially the orcs) as it will do the best part of some of the painting for me - all I will need to do is add a few highlights and Bob's your aunty's husband.

Here is a quick view of the basecoated and newly undercoated scenic items in my collection so far...

The second picture shows the subtle difference between the black undercoat and the brown base coat. From the top picture you can also see the tents and barrels from my small selection of Renedra generic scenic items, as well as just about make out the LotR ruins.

I will be giving the tents and latest barrels a brown base coat to bring them up to speed with the rest of the collection, but the stone tower and LotR ruins pieces will need a grey base coat. I was thinking that I may make up some small piles of barrels glued together to give larger scenery items for figures to hide behind, as well as the originals being singly deployed for more scatter. I am also thinking of plonking some green stuff into the tops of a few to represent open barrels of produce - apples etc.

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