Saturday, 7 March 2015

Plastic Scenery: Undercoated

The weather forecast was correct, and the sun shone all day. Temperatures hit the mid-teens and there was no sign of rain. This gave me the opportunity I was looking for to undercoat the plastic scenery I constructed yesterday.

As I have never really given a step-by-step guide for anything I have painted so far on this blog, I will start from now on with these pieces of battlefield scenery. They were started off yesterday by being glued and left to dry overnight, and today they gained a black undercoat. Here they are in their full undercoated glory...

Whilst I was working on these and tidying the new games room further, I found I still have three or four large cardboard boxes full of gaming stuff that needs to be gone through. In these boxes I found a few more scenery items.

First up is a Grand Manner Roman Watchtower...

This is a hard resin building that comes in three pieces. I managed to clean most of it up but the veranda/walk-way has a lot of excess resin between the crossed-beams. I managed to clean out a few of the gaps but the resin between the bars is so thick that I ran the risk of breaking the building in order to clean it up. I decided to call a halt on cleaning those spaces up and have settled on the back story that hides have been hung between the slats to stop stray arrows from passing through the gaps.

Next up was a bunch of Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Ruins...

I undercoated some fallen pillars on their sprue and glued up some ruined walls (these will be undercoated tomorrow weather permitting). I also found a couple more sprues of Renedra barrels to add to those I already have. I will definitely make some of these up into solid stacks of barrels to add some interest to the battle board. This will mean if the gaming table is knocked, I wont have to hunt around for dozens of individual pieces under furniture where they have rolled.

Tomorrow I will hopefully undercoat the pieces not already undercoated and then base coat those that have been.

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