Friday, 6 March 2015

Plastic Scenery constructed

Today I got round to breaking out and constructing loads of plastic scenery that I have bought over the last year or two. They are from a variety of manufacturers...

Tabletop Workshop Tower...

Photo courtesy of Beasts of War
I bought this as part of Tabletop Workshop's pre-order deal (20% off). I would like to buy another one of these and perhaps some more of their range but when I went to their website today to take a look, the website was nowhere to be found - I do hope this is just a temporary glitch.

The photo above is how it should look, but I doubt mine will be half as good. Still, I'll try my best. Here are the first wip shots of the tower...

The four levels separated
The first two levels stacked
The first three levels stacked
The full tower in all its glory

I will not be gluing the individual tower levels together so it can be used as a variety of tower types/heights and the details within each section allow it to be used to place figures and fight combats. These are truly a terrific and versatile product.

This tower will be used as a quasi-historical tower in which to house a wizard or a lord and his retinue, or as a watch-tower in hostile territory. I will be using it in my Doggerland setting, as well as for historicals (Normans vs Saxons etc.), and Lord of the Rings.

Perry Miniatures Medieval Cottage...

Photo Courtesy of Perry Miniatures

This is a nicely rendered cottage with a small animal pen and lots of fencing. It is a good value product, and looks like it should paint up quite nicely. This could be used for a richer farmer or animal husband if placed alongside other Dark Age buildings.

As you can see from my photo of the box contents, there is the aforementioned cottage and animal stall, along with 5 lengths of wattle fencing and a two-piece wattle gate (shown at front).

Renedra Barrels and Fencing...

Renedra manufacture many generic items of scenery for all periods. I particularly liked the barrels and this fencing as they allow for some battlefield detritus at a cheap price. So many games do not feature the clutter of real life, so these items allow for that to be represented. I have stacked the barrels like this for show, but after I have painted them I may glue them together into stacks like these to be used as cover. I daresay I will try to grab hold of another few packs of these to go on carts (still to be bought) and be scattered all over the place - very useful items indeed.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get these undercoated as the weather forecast has predicted 15 degrees and plenty of sunshine - great weather for spraying outdoors.

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