Sunday, 8 May 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

A short while back I had the honour of being presented with a Stylish Blogger Award by mikemonaco. I was completely unaware of what this was all about, so I decided to do a little digging and Big Lee's blog helped me out no end (and thanks for the logo, which I stole - I hope you don't mind!).

Anyway, with great honour comes great responsibility, so here is my input to the blogosphere awards...

Seven things you never knew about Little Odo...
  1. My online name is based (very loosely) on a translation of my original Anglo-Norman surname
  2. I am married with 4 kids, a cat and an ever changing number of tropical fish
  3. I represented my country at Judo at the European Budo Federation Games in 1983
  4. I used to be a club DJ
  5. I work in IT but try not to let it get me down
  6. I am an amateur archaeologist
  7. I dislike pineapple
Other blogs that deserve this award (some have already been nominated by others), in no particular order...
The above blogs are those I read most frequently. They all offer me something different, and that is what drew me in and made me a frequent reader - thanks chaps.

Thanks again to mikemonaco for the honour and to all others who drop by and read my ramblings every now and again. 


  1. A thoroughly deserved award, and thanks for the recommendation. I should really spend some time working on the theme and layout of mine... maybe a project for this week, as the painting mojo seems to have evaporated over the last couple of days


  2. Thanks Dunc. Good luck with getting your painting mojo back, but you certainly seem to have your gaming mojo sorted - 3 games in as many weeks is excellent.