Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Bank Holiday wash out

The Bank Holiday we just had in the UK was a bit of a wash out in more ways than one. It rained for a fair bit of it (not that that bothers me, but it does limit what we can do with the kids) and family commitments meant I didn't get to the paint station as much as I wanted to.

That said, I managed to matt varnish Alex's Bretonnian archer unit but he put them away before I got a chance to photograph them. I will see if I can get him to dig them out ready for the blog sooner rather than later. I also managed to paint all the flesh tones on those Romans, but time constraints meant I couldn't achieve my goal of getting the weapons and armour sorted too. Alex started on his three Pegasus Knights for his Bretonnian force.

I'm a little disappointed with my painting output recently, but real life has taken over the leading role. Hopefully things will calm down a bit at work after this week and I can settle down to a little more hobby time, and get at least a few small units completed. My painting tally has been dropping since the first year's massive output, but I think as I near the bottom of my Old School lead pile it becomes more difficult to choose and get the motivation for what to do next as many are already painted and based up and need some industrial strength clean-up before I can get round to them; especially my old Ctiadel Hobgoblins that I really want to get sorted.

During the evenings, when the light had faded too much for me to paint, I was able to catch up on the blogs I normally read as these had been neglected too. I also took a look at the Splintered Light minis and Songs of Blades and Heroes websites to see what I may pick up in future. I am a little skint at the moment, so this will probably still have to wait a month or two.

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