Sunday, 6 February 2011

Brytenwalda Marca

Just got these finished (still working on the infantry). A small cavalry contingent to support the infantry in their endeavours, or should that be the other way around considering the leader is on horse-back.

First up is the Pendragon. I was a bit unambitious with the shield design as I just copied it from the Warhammer Historical 'Age of Arthur' supplement. I decided with these to try adding a bit extra to the bases other than just sand, paint and flock. The trees I made a little while back have shed a few clumps of foliage, so I stuck these onto the bases here. They hide the hole in the washer quite nicely that the base of the miniature didn't cover.

Here's the first of the leader's bodyguard. Without really thinking of the colour scheme, the Pendragon has wound up with a red cloak and the two Marca with dark green cloaks - very similar to the way I will be painting my Eomer and Royal Guard for LotR SBG when I get round to them later on this year.

And, here is his second companion, painted to match the first Marca.

A couple of group shots.

All figures are by Gripping Beast, from their Arthurian range.

Coming up later today - the foot sloggers.


  1. Very nice paint job.
    How robust is the finish? Can it take a lot of handling?

  2. Thanks Arlo,

    As they haven't been in action yet, I am not sure how robust the paint job will be. That said, they are painted in the following way, so should be fairly resistant to normal wear and tear...
    Block painted with GW and Miniature Paints acrylics
    Washed with Army Painter's 'Dip'
    Sprayed with Army Painter's Matt Varnish.

    That's three layers to get down to the bare metal, so I guess it should be OK. The 'Dip' is much like a very thick brown wash in gloss varnish. It covers well, and shades reasonably well too. Good enough for table-top quality minis I think. I wish I had the time to paint full-on shaded/high-lighted figures, but as they will only see the battle field once in a blue moon, this method suits me best.

    Little Odo