Tuesday, 1 February 2011

5000 Club

Just posting to say a big 'Thank you' to my followers and readers for getting my Hit Count to the 5000 mark. I have been blogging now for nearly two years and time has really flown. I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog as much as I have putting it together and sharing my ramblings. Here's to the next 5000 hits and hopefully more of what you would like to see.

A few updates...
The first Brytenwalda army is almost completed - they just need the shields and bases completing and a quick spray with the matt varnish
There are a few fantasy miniatures in an almost ready state too
Hopefully these will all be up on the blog this weekend

Next month's project will be another Brytenwalda army for Alex to use. He has his own leaders, so I will supply the troops for him. I will also paint a few more of those old fantasy minis in the slowly decreasing lead mountain. I may also make a start on some 15mm minis for use as HotT armies ready for Doggerland, even if it is just cleaning them up and undercoating them for now. After seeing Colin's goblins (see last post), I am tempted to get some fantasy 15mm armies sorted out too (but I'll need to buy the minis first!).

I have also been a bit busy on EBay this weekend gone - I have repurchased the 1st Edition AD&D Players Handbook and Monster Manual. When they are both through I will look at creating some PCs and running a few solo adventures to refamiliarise myself with the rules - I know I don't have the DMs Guide but I can remember a lot of the tables even after all these years! A DMG and supplementary rule books will also be in the offing over the next few weeks if they are at a good price. I am tempted to run a pbem D&D adventure with my gaming buddies when Doggerland has matured a little more.

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