Sunday, 13 February 2011

Brytenwalda update

No pictures today, but an update on how Alex and I are getting on with our Brytenwalda forces. As you are aware, my starter 600 point army has been painted up and displayed on here already. Alex has almost finished his command unit and I have done some work on his footmen. Here's a break down of his 600 point army...

1 Pendragon (mounted chieftain) @ (60+10) = 70
1 Teulu (warrior command) @ 50 = 50
1 Scholar (priest) @50 = 50
1 Rherel (veteran) @46 = 46
11 Aulue (conscript spearmen) @34 = 374

Total for army = 590 Solidus

His army is 8 points less than mine, but we'll see how this affects their combatitiveness on the tabletop. We should have a stack of minis almost ready by the end of next weekend, so hopefully I can get some photos up of the ones we complete.

Once done, we will play a few scenarios tha come with the rules, just to try them out.

Also, in the meantime, I have started on some old goblin tusker riders. I have enough to create 2 HotT bases (2 on each) and a single fantasy RPG goblin on large washer. These will be added to my orc/goblin army for HotT. I have lots of old Citadel night goblins I can add to the army as well as a couple of boxes of GW's plastic Night Goblins and Goblins. Several hordes in the making me thinks. I need to find a suitable leader/hero, shaman, behemoth and some heavy hitters to round out the army. These should be ready to report on next week provided I pull my finger out.

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