Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Knights of Legend sites back up

Hopefully the Knights of Legend site on 110Mb.com is back up again for good now. I didn't get a reply from the Tech Support guys, so hopefully they read my plea and were happy that I was not using the site as a data store and decided to put it back up again. I am glad it is back up as I can now crack on and get the rest of the 2nd story up and running on there, then get to work on moving the third game...

Knights of Legend

I won't have much time during this week to work on figure painting or the web site above, as I am on a geophysical survey on a WW1 / WW2 site in south London. There won't be any photos for that I am afraid as the data will just be of the surveys and not for the public domain - yet. If there is any publishable material, I'll try to put it up as it may be of interest to those gamers whose period is as above.

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