Monday, 2 November 2009

Latest fantasy and sci-fi figures painted

I should have put these up yesterday, but the battery ran out on the camera. I have since recharged it and present my latest offerings from the painting table. First up is a troll. I cannot remember what make he is - answers on a post card to...

Next up are some Warlord Games Celtic villagers - a crone, a couple of kids and a mangy cur.

Finally, here are some old Citadel Space Farers Imperial Marines. These weren't actually painted by me, but I have rebased and varnished them to bring them up to date with my latest painting style. I only have a very few sci-fi figures - as I mainly hosted fantasy RPG etc back in the day - and I dug them out last weekend. I only have 5 more 25/28mm pre-slotta minis, they are from Dixon's Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy range. They are currently being cleaned up ready for mounting on round bases and undercoating.

What next? Well, I have about half-a-dozen wizard figures half done, the next batch of Harboth's Boys are undercoated and ready to go, as are a couple of giants and a bunch of 2000AD Judges.

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