Wednesday, 11 April 2012

AD&D Version1 Characters

These are the stats I got from randomly rolling 11 characters on the online random character generation system on the Dragonsfoot website.

Sex Class Align Str Int Wis Dex Con Cha Age Height Weight
1 Male Ranger NG 16 13 15 12 14 15 21 5'10" 175lbs
2 Male Fighter CN 16 9 15 12 15 15 17 6'2" 182lbs
3 Male Fighter CG 16 11 13 11 14 9 17 6'3.5" 197lbs
4 Male Fighter CG 17 8 10 13 14 15 17 6'11" 218lbs
5 Male Thief CN 13 14 10 16 11 13 20 5'0" 127lbs
6 Male Cleric NG 13 14 17 12 13 8 21 6'6" 175lbs
7 Male Magic User CG 12 15 14 13 6 15 31 5'7" 175lbs
8 Female Fighter NG 15 13 11 11 13 13 16 5'1.5" 135lbs
9 Female Thief CN 12 12 14 15 10 11 20 5'6" 125lbs
10 Female Cleric NG 10 14 15 13 15 12 22 5'1.5" 132lbs
11 Female Magic User CG 10 15 12 14 13 10 29 4'9" 168lbs

These stats give me quite a bit to work with, and from the stat lines alone I can see some real characters in there; for example, the female mage who is 4'9" tall and weighs in at 168lbs, or the male fighter at 6'11" and 218lbs. I can see the interactions between these two already. The leader of the band was a specially rolled Ranger (I had visions of Strider with this one) and I rolled up a mixture from the four major classes. I will undoubtedly roll some other rarer classes in future once party attrition has set in, but I was aiming for an initial eight characters to start with. These will be a mixture of pbm characters for my online gaming chums and the rest will be NPCs that I will control. I will be using these in my forthcoming Village of Hommlet campaign. All will have maximum HP at 1st level, have minimal equipment (just the clothes they stand up in, specific class tools and a weapon each), and they will each have a pouch of silver to buy further equipment and to pay for their board and lodgings. The rest of their kit will have to be scavenged, stolen or acquired in some other way.

The Village of Hommlet module is actually quite a tough one (I ran it when I first started out playing D&D many moons ago), so that is why all the characters will start off with maximum HPs. I am hoping it will last for a year or two play time, utilising a variety of playing styles (PBM, face-to-face etc.) and come to a reasonable conclusion.

The map is ready, I now need to go back and re-read the module and plan how to introduce the players to each other. There are several sub-plots and I have to create a back-story/quest for each character too that needs to be accomplished some time during the campaign.

I will work on this from time to time over the next few weeks and publish any new info as I finalise it. I may also need to try to find some miniatures for these and their adversaries too.

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