Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Princesses and Rainbows

I ordered a few figures from EBob for my daughters a few weeks back. I got them a queen and lady miniature each to start their painting careers on. My youngest daughter, Cerys (she's six), finished hers the weekend just gone.

Here is the maid...

And here is the queen...

She chose the colours and did all of the painting herself. I glued them to the bases (not letting her near superglue just yet) but she PVAd the sand and static grass.

I think she has done a cracking job considering she has only done school paintings and a paint by numbers previously - nothing three dimensional. The flash has bleached them out a little but there isn't any shading on them so far. I will grab a few more for her to paint soon, and see about doing some shading and highlighting. She had her first taste of dry brushing on the sand on the base.


  1. It won't be long before she is turning out regiments of Napoleonic figures!

  2. NICE!

    My daughter has been bugging me about wanting to start painting miniatures too (she is five)! I picked up some Hät 54mm for her and her brother to start with... Then we'll work our way down to the wee stuff!