Thursday, 23 February 2012

20,000 Page Views

Another milestone has been hit on the blog. A year or two back the hit counter was hovering around the 3-4,000 mark and I never really saw it growing that quickly, so thank you very much to my readers and followers.
I haven't been up to much in the last week or two gaming wise as it has been full on at home and work, along with all that entails. I did manage to order up some plastic LotR Easterling Kataphracts, one of the new source books "The Kingdoms of Men" and a new can of Army Painter spray matt varnish. This varnish should now encourage me to get a move on with some of the outstanding minis on my work table, and move onto more of the back log. It should hopefully get me back in the groove to finish my Rohan army - 24 Riders and 36 Warriors have been completed - just the elites, captains and heroes to go now. I will then probably match them up with the Easterlings I have from GW and EBob's Balchoth. A big stack of orcs to bolster their numbers should also do the trick.

I will be taking a trip to GW this weekend to pick up a few more paints that have either run out, dried up or been watered down too much to be useful any more. I should then be able to get onto those Chronicle Hobgoblins I undercoated and based a few weeks back.

Actually, one thing I did manage to do last weekend was roll up a few AD&D characters - just the bare bones mind, so this weekend I may flesh them out wiht names an dsome basic equipment. I like to play low level adventures with poorly equipped characters, as it makes it more of a challenge and more fun in my mind. I compensate for the lack of armour etc at 1st level by allowing characters to have maximum Hit Points by class and Con bonus. They tend to last a little longer and it allows them to scavenge the armour and weapons needed to progress further. I will play some solo adventures with these characters in order to get the feel back for AD&D in general, as my grasp of the combat system etc. in particular is very rusty.


  1. Congrats on reaching the big 20k!!!

  2. Thanks very much chaps. Hopefully there will be more painted minis to come in the next week or so. Things have calmed down a little recently, but I should be able to pick up a paintbrush again very soon.