Saturday, 6 August 2011

Maggot Breed of Ymir

"They stood about three feet high and were man shaped, with thin, wiry bodies and limbs, and broad, flat feet and hands. Their heads were large, having pointed ears, rounded saucer eyes, and gaping mouths which showed teeth. Some had pug-noses, others thin snouts reaching to their chins. Their hides were generally a fish white colour, though some were black, and all were practically hairless. Some held coils of black rope, while out of one of the caves advanced a group carrying a net woven in the shape of a spider's web."

This is a direct quote from Alan Garner's The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, one of my favourite books from yesteryear. I really liked the description he gave of the Svarts and thought that the Citadel lesser goblin miniatures from the 1980s fitted the description nicely, albeit not exactly. I had quite a few of these hanging around, so decided to base up a few for Hordes of the Things as a horde, and kept a goodly amount back for individual basing for use in Songs of Blades and Heroes or RPG gaming.

These will be a welcome addition to my orc and goblin army which is growing very slowly but surely alongside my dwarf one. Both are about half-way there. I have a couple of box sets of GW goblins and night goblins to make up a few more bases for the orcs/goblins and a stack of old Citadel metal minis for my dwarf army. I will get onto these as soon as I get a few more other bits and bobs off my paint station.


  1. I love these Lesser Goblin figures, they are as rare as hens' teeth these days. great painting too!

  2. Hello Secundus - thanks for joining us here. I really like these little chaps too, and wish I could get hold of a few more for skirmish games like SoBH. A little warband of these to go up against some Vikings in a night raid would be an excellent little scenario.

  3. I have just found a fantastic set of Lesser Goblins for £6. Go to Alternative Armies. You get 11 for £6, great deal and you can get loads! You could even have a massive warband of the tiny critters. Go and check them you won't be disappointed.