Sunday, 10 April 2011


I got my order through for the dip the other day and got to work on my Runequest miniatures. Here's a picture of what I buy to do the job. It is quite expensive at £16 a tin, but it saves me a lot of time considering I paint quite slowly and need full daylight to allow me to focus properly on what I am doing.

I had a good sort through my Runequest miniatures yesterday. I don't have as many as I used to as I sold off a massive bunch of them several years ago, which I am now regretting, but that's life.

At a quick count up I have 3 human adventurers, 12 Broo, 8 Dragnonewts and a Centaur. These will all be making an appearance on the blog over the next couple of weeks. I have put 5 of the Broo onto a HotT base to use as a Warband of mercenaries for either my barbarian or orc/goblin armies. The rest I have mounted on 2p coins to set them apart from my other RPG minis which are on 1p coins. I used to have a big stack of ducks and baboons, but these were amongst the minis I sold off - shame really as they would have worked well as more HotT units and some Runequest RPG characters/monsters. I may see if they are still available on the net somewhere and pick up a few.

I also dug out my Avalon Hill Runequest rules box set - we have just rearranged all of our books on the new shelves bought a few weeks back and all the rule books were separated out. I may see about knocking up a couple of characters just for fun.

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