Friday, 22 April 2011


Well, here they are at long last, my first set of Runequest minis. They are a warband of Broo for use with HotT. I was also able to base up and put more paint onto some more Runequest stuff ready for skirmish gaming. Anyway, these chaps (billies?) were from a boxed set of 9 Runequest Broo I bought way back in the eighties out of my Saturday morning job money. I used to get £5 per morning and I usually popped straight over the road after work to the hobby shop and bought either the latest vinyl LP of whoever was my fave band at the time or a bunch of gaming minis. These cost me a week's wages back then!

They will be used as a mercenary warband for one of my armies I am building; most likely the orcs/goblins army or the barbarians.


  1. Hehe, I remember those from the 80ies :) A nice chaotic bunch they are, I like it when Broo look all irregular, they shouldn't be uniform.

  2. I totally agree Rudy. I was wondering where I might be able to get hold of a few more that are still in print, even if they are by different manufacturers. I may also take a quick look on Ebay when I have some spare cash and expand the Old School collection.

    I think I prefer these as adversaries to the ubiquitous orcs usually found in RPGs.

    Little Odo