Saturday, 23 April 2011

King John

Alex picked this figure up at Salute a couple of years ago. I think it only cost him about £1 from the Miniature Wargames stall. He was never really sure what to do with it but just liked the look of it. Anyway, he managed to get it painted up over the last couple of weeks, and here's the results...

The heraldry on the shield was hand painted by Alex. I think he has done a sterling job on this.

We are now both off to Games Workshop for an afternoon of him playing some Warhammer. He will be taking some of his Bretonnians. He needs to take: a leader, a unit, plus one other thing. Alex is taking a Duke, some archers and some knights. We don't know who his opponent is yet, so he could be up against any other army.

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