Sunday, 10 April 2011

Brytenwalda Aulue 2

Finally got these Brytenwalda aulue finished. They are the twelve that Alex will be using in his games against me. They are the so-called green warband, but there were only enough transfers to do eight of them in green, so the rest had to have red. Hopefully we can get a game going in the next couple of weeks. All figures are Gripping Beast and the shield transfers are from LBMS. Here's the first picture, showing the swordsman and banner bearer (without banner at the moment) front-centre.

Next up is a more bird's eye view, showing off most of the shields.

Finally, here's a shot from where the banner bearer is looking.

I managed to finish off the dip last night and after the time it had taken to dry over night, I was able to finish off the bases and spray varnish them.

I also put a bit more paint on a few more Broo and several of them are now ready for basing and/or varnishing. I managed to base up a few this afternoon but they won't be ready for finishing until next weekend or one evening during the week if the weather (and light) holds up.


  1. Coming along very nicely indeed. I found your blog whilst looking for other people playing Brytenwalda - we've played a few games of it now, and have already tweaked and tinkered with the rules as there's a few discrepancies/contradictions/unclear bits. If you want, I can email some suggestions over to you.

    My own Brytenwalda forces are 15mm from Splintered Light - have a butchers at my blog, they're in there somewhere amongst a load of other painting projects.

    Best Regards


  2. Hi Dunc,
    Thanks for the kind comments, and I would like to see your amendments if that is OK.

    We have yet to play, but should be ready fairly soon. Hopefully we can get a BatRep up as soon as we have figured things out and run through a few mock scenarios to test things out.

    Just about to take a look at your blog.

    Little Odo

  3. Good stuff - I'll be needing at email address for you then Odo.

    Mine is dhamilton1 at ntlworld dot com

    Transpires you're not a million miles from me - I'm down in Hove. Song of Blades & Heroes is well worth the $4 (or whatever it is at the moment) - the best gang/group skirmish rules you can get, period.