Sunday, 3 October 2010

Here comes the cavalry II

Here's a few more cavalry for the collection. These are Warlord Games' Numidian cavalry. I have painted these as Numidians but for use as barbarians in my HotT barbarian army.

Here's a shot of both the stands of riders that I have created.

These riders have now almost completed my HotT Barbarian army. The army so far consists of the following...
Warriors (Blades @2AP) x3 = 6AP
Warriors (Spears @2AP) x3 = 6AP
Amazons (Blades @2AP) x1 = 2AP
Numidians (Riders @2AP) x2 = 4AP
Giant (Behemoth @4AP) x1 = 4AP
Total = 22AP
I still have a couple of stands left to go that need painting an basing...
Druidess (Magician @4AP) x1 = 4AP
General (Blades @2AP) x1 = 2AP
This will give me a complete army total of 28AP, so I can possibly mix and match when the army goes into action. I will add to it over time; I was thinking of some stands of beasts and perhaps some warbands or hordes to add some colour. I'll see. Once these are finished I will get to work again on my Dwarf and Orc/Goblin armies. Alex is slowly pulling together his Elf army, so hopefully we should have 4 complete armies in the near future. I am also thinking of creating a Roman army from the remnants of the plastic Warlord Games Early Imperial Romans that I have lying around. This gives me something to do over the winter months at least!

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