Saturday, 30 October 2010

Celtic Warriors

I managed to finish off 15 shirted Celts today, to go with the bare-chested chaps I painted up last year. Not enough to go against the Century of Roman legionaries I painted but enough for some skirmish gaming at long last. I just need some leader types now.

Not sure what will be up next miniatures wise, but I should have a few more trees ready tomorrow.
I am finding myself drawn more and more into the Cthulhu mythos at the moment. I think it may have been because of a random bit of surfing I did a few months ago that brought me across the following site ...
I have since bought The Necronomicon, a collection of Lovecraft's tales, and I am contemplating the Dark Age Cthulhu rules. I used to play Call of Cthulhu many moons ago and had read all of Lovecraft's works back in my teens, but it looks like the works of my youth are now making a come back.

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