Monday, 3 May 2010

Psi Division

A couple of Judge Anderson minis and another female Judge. Once again, early 1980s Citadel miniatures. This brings the patrol to 7 Judges.

I have a couple of Judges (Dredd and Anderson again) on bikes still to come as well as a Matchbox die cast vehicle that I painted up to represent a Justice Department battle wagon (not like any in the comics, but it fits in well). Foundry do a few Judge minis that I may buy to add to these, depending on how they rank up size wise. I also bought some Heresy Miniatures' Enforcers to act as Space Port security bods recently, so will add those into the mix for sci-fi gaming.

I had a really busy day today, setting up several more minis ready for completion over the next few weeks. These include...
3 more trolls
3 more stands of Prince August barbarians
1 stand of Amazon warriors
2 more Fifth Element/'Void' wizards
2 really old (I think some of the first released) Space Marines to be used as Justice Dept heavies

I also stripped and cleaned up...
15 Warlord Celt warriors
6 more wizards
5 barbarians (the RPG adventurer type rather than for use on HotT stands)

Alex was also busy. He finished painting about half-a-dozen LotR elves and a few leader types for a HotT stand. I will photograph these later on in the week.

Gaming wise, we are getting close to a half-sized HotT battle between dwarfs and goblins. I will set up a game between the kids in a few weeks time and see how they do.


  1. Boy, you have all the cool vintage goodies!?

    We had packs and packs of those very same judges in a game store I worked in circa 1990 and they were relatively cheap so I bought a pile of them, carved off the pistols and made a bloodbowl team out of them...!?

  2. Hi Tim,

    Thanks. I bought loads of minis when I was a kid in the late 70s and they just languished in a set of drawers for years. Over time I gave loads to friends who would actually use them, but I still have a few hundred left from the early days. I have started buying lots of new stuff since returning to the gaming scene, but I have a soft spot for the golden oldies.