Sunday, 20 December 2009


These have been hanging around on my paint station for a while, and as they would only take a very short time to paint, I decided to get them done before working on some other stuff that has also been outstanding for a while. This is a picture of some Warlord Games wolfhounds from their Celtic range. I have yet to paint their handler...

And here are some heavier dogs; mastiffs. Also from Warlord Games' Celtic range...

I usually use standard sized washers and coins for basing my minis but these mastiffs had to be stuck to larger coins due to the size of their integral bases. As a result, I now have three standard sized skirmish bases for RPG and skirmish gaming; most 28mm human sized figures are mounted on 1p coins, cavalry and large monsters on 38mm washers, but now I have the new size of 2p coins for over-sized 28mm human sized minis. I have a stack of old Citadel eastern style Hobgoblins that should make their way to the paint station next year - these are also too big to go on pennies, so they will need to go onto 2p coins too.

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