Wednesday, 9 December 2009

More of Alex's minis

Alex has been a bit more productive than I over the last couple of weeks. He has finished a few minis for LotR, Warhammer and HotT. The fully completed ones are shown below, starting with Glorfindel - the back bone of his Elven army. He has Eladan and Elrohir to finish, a captain and banner bearer, some heavy infantry and some light infantry, including some with bows. I have yet to work out the points values, but as soon as they are all painted and ready for display as a unit I will.

Next up is his rendition of the Green Knight - a Warhammer special character. This picture shows off the shield side...

A view from face on...

And finally a view from the side. Unfortunately the camera doesn't seem to have picked up the intricate green work Alex did on the barding in all its glory.

Alex also finished some Grenadier High Elves for a HotT stand. He has five spearmen nearly completed (they just need basing up) and the command group is almost there. He also completed a Galdhrim Knight for LotR but that won't be photo'd until the whole unit is completed.

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