Sunday, 28 June 2009

Wot, no pictures!

No pictures of my minis this week. I managed to finish yet another contubernium of Romans this week, but as one unit looks pretty much just like another I won't post any more pictures of the Romans unless it is of the whole century on completion or the Optio and Tesserarius I have nearly finished.

I also managed to complete a few more fantasy figures to the varnish stage, so they will be photographed ready for next week's update. I am getting through my old fantasy minis quite efficiently at the moment. I am aiming to finish a handful of rogue types ready for next week - I have two that are almost there and the rest should be done by then.

Tavern Knights of Legend will be starting within the next week or two, and I have chosen my character for the game. This weekend I also started painting up a figure to represent her - a human mage called Esme. Her mini should be finished by next week also - I have spent a fair bit of time on this mini tidying it up, so I am hoping she turns out a little bit better than the rest.

During the week I also took a quick look at my Lord of the Rings minis. I have a couple of units that were half painted a few years ago and served me well in a few games down at my local Games Workshop. I have two 250 point armies; one of Rohan and one of Easterlings. To allow me to play them they had to be a minimum of three colours, and that is precisely how far I got with them. I don't think they will take too long to get in shape and completed. I will start on these when I have finished my Romans. That way, I can take them down to GW again and hopefully get a few more games in. I also started to catalogue my LotR minis. I have a few rather large armies (Rohan, Easterlings, Gondor, Mordor, the Dwarf Kingdoms and Moria), and they should look impressive when lined up on the gaming table facing off against their most notorious foes.

I almost forgot; I also spent a couple of hours glueing up and undercoating some Romans for my son. He got the remnants of the minis from the box sets I bought last year. He paints more quickly than I do - he has already finished the centurion and half his legionaries. He also has some Bretonnians that he has almost completed. When he completes a few units, I will give him a thread on here to display his minis in all their glory.

I was having an email conversation with one of my gaming buddies last week and he has convinced me to try to run a pbm D&D campaign. I think the Tavern Knights players would probably be interested too, so I'll try to get some characters out to them shortly. I have always enjoyed D&D but was mainly an AD&D player. I bought the 3rd Edition rules when they came out but never actually played. I know 4th Edition is out now, but as I don't have those rules, I may as well run the campaign as 3rd Edition.

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