Sunday, 14 June 2009

6th Contubernium

This week I was hoping to get a few more fantasy minis completed but time was a bit constrained and I wound up just finishing off another contubernium of Romans. This unit was made up from the rag-tag left overs from the sprues so consists of a half-and-half mix of pilum and gladius minis.

I am aiming to get the rest of the Roman legionary figures done as quickly as possible now to make room on the painting station for others in the range. There are four more contubernia which just need the bases and spray varnish doing (I managed to get the shields sorted this week) before completion. I have a couple of units of auxiliary troops, archers, cavalry, slingers and artillery left to complete a large WAB EIR Roman army. However, after the legionaries I will start on some of Rome's enemies - a couple of boxes of Celtic warriors - before doing more Romans.

The fantasy figures I was due to complete were a small unit of Bugman's Dwarf Rangers from a boxed set released back in the 80s. I almost completed six of them, but they should be done by next weekend though. I was going to put a few on pennies to use in RPG or skirmish gaming and the rest I was going to base up for Hordes of the Things. I was also going to start on a couple of trolls I got from EBay, but only got as far as stripping the old paint off.

Gaming wise, the rules have been sent out to all the players for the upcoming Tavern Knights of Legend epbm. I still need to get round to reading them and creating my character. I was due to read them today but time just flew by and I was unable to. I will have to make time next week so the referee can start to put the game together - he is also a fantastic artist (he drew the map) and mentioned that he would create images of the characters when he got descriptions returned to him. I was going to try to match the characters to minis too, so we would have a couple of visual representations for use in RPG if it ever gets that far. The reason we game epbm though is because we are situated all over the south of England, so it is a little difficult for us to get together regularly.

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