Sunday, 21 June 2009

Bugman's Dwarf Rangers

This week I put the finishing touches to some of the Bugman's Dwarf Rangers boxed sets I bought in the early days of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I had ideas of creating a unit of Rangers as part of a dwarf army, but never got round to painting any up.

I have decided to paint up some for Fantasy RPG and the rest (majority) will be based up for Hordes of the Things. I have decided to put these Rangers onto coins as I don't have any bases ready for Hordes of the Things (HotT). I will be trying to acquire some pre-cut bases next time I get paid, to mount the rest of the dwarfs and the others I have yet to paint up. I am aiming to create two HotT armies to begin with - dwarfs and orcs/goblins. I have nearly enough to create 24pt armies for both "races", the rest I will be purchasing also later this month. I want an impressive dwarf leader but am not sure what to do for the orcs/goblins yet.

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