Friday, 16 October 2020

Frostgrave: The Frostgrave Folio

The Frostgrave Folio, the fourth supplement for Frostgrave, is an amalgamation of several previously released online/downloadable digital supplements. It has the slightly higher count of 72 full-colour pages again, as well as the usual card cover, but still with the same price tag of £9.99.

In this supplement, the author compiles four of the mini-expansions for the game that were released as digital supplements, and adds a brand new mini-campaign set of scenarios to offer something new to others who may have already got the downloads of the previous four.

Introduction - The Introduction gives a brief overview of what can be found between the covers of this supplement, and a mini-history of how Frostgrave was released and how the unanticipated high demand for the system led to some quick thinking by the publishers and author.

Each of the following sections of the rule book comprise a foreword and/or introduction by the author, a 3 part scenario campaign that follows the standard process of Set-up, Special Rules and Treasure and experience for each one, a mini-bestiary and spell section if appropriate...

The Hunt for the Golem - This mini-campaign involves the wizards in a hunt, study and capture/destroy story arc for a new monster called a Granite Golem. There are six new magical treasures to be found that can be rolled for on a special scenario specific table. There is also an aftermath section that allows for the continuation of the adventure if the wizards fail to capture or destroy the golem

Sellsword - A new soldier type is detailed in this section of the supplement; The Captain. This soldier is the only hireling (other than the apprentice) that can gain experience and improve stats as adventures go by. Full details of a captain's capabilities are given, including a table for equipment, skills and experience, as well as a full stat line. Following this section are three new scenarios with a new magic item and new monster for the Bestiary: The Nullmen

Dark Alchemy - What this mini-campaign brings is a set of three solo or co-op play scenarios plus the rules on how to accomplish this different form of gaming. There is a special tresure table that can be rolled on specifically for this campaign and there are a few new monsters for the Bestiary; The Alchemical Monstrosity, Fire-flingers and Burning Skeletons. This is followed by a section devoted to potions and their utilisation in Frostgrave

Arcane Locations - Frostgrave allows for a player's imagination to run wild when thinking of strange locations for them to be set, and the three un-linked scenarios in this section show just how wild adventure locations can be. All three scenarios take the usual format of Set-up, Special Rules and Treasure & Experience, and these are followed up by a mini-Bestiary (Foulhorn and Starfire Elemental), a new treasure, and a new spell (Shape Starfire Elemental). Finally there is a table that adds new Wizards' Base resources

The Ravages of Time -The last mini-campaign is the only original work in this volume. It is a semi-cooperative adventure in three parts, with each part building and being dependent upon the results of the adventure prior to it, culminating in facing down Lourrent, Vampiric Chronomancer (full stats featured in the Bestiary for this campaign alongside Dying Construct)

This supplement pulls together a wide variety of scenarios, campaigns, and additional and alternative rules for Frostgrave from the already existing digital versions, so that everyone now has a chance to purchase them in physical format (so few companies do this and that makes it difficult to be a completist when trying to collect together all rules, addenda etc. for a particular game system).

I am not a great lover of digital versions, as I find them more difficult to navigate and they do not offer me the same sensory experience when reading them. There is most definitely a place for digital versions though, especially if you want to lug all of your game specific rule books to a friend's house or the local gaming club. Those short on physical space both at home and in their travel bags will find them a boon.

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