Monday, 4 April 2016

Games Workshop's support of Lord of the Rings

I have just read this very welcome article on the Wargames News and Terrain blog.

I hope that many of the old Lord of the Rings minis are brought back into production so that we all can complete our armies. I would really like to get hold of all the original nine Ringwraiths (foot and mounted), as well as several other sets, in a material that is better than Finecast - hopefully the Forgeworld resin is a much better medium than Finecast. It would also be cool if they could fill the gaps in what has already been released (e.g. Rohan Royal Guard both foot and mounted in plastic), Dol Amroth pikemen in plastic, more Elves and maybe some better plastic Dwarfs. I would also like to see some of the old metals re-released, such as Kings of Men, the Commanders sets and the hobbits would be great to see again, especially the personalities.

I also like the idea of a rules tidy up and the release of more source books. I have almost all of the original ones, so any new ones with stat collections and new scenarios would be great to see.

Four years is a long time to revive interest in Games Workshop's, in my opinion, best ruleset. It would be even better if they could promote the game's revival with a DeAgostini style monthly part-works - I am sure GW can afford to put resin and plastic miniatures to good use in this way.

This is very welcome news to me seeing as I am just getting back into the game at the moment.

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