Saturday, 26 April 2014

White Dwarf Weekly #12

Since a few weeks back I now have a new local Games Workshop. My usual haunt was the shop in the Bluewater shopping centre, but recently a new store was opened in my local shopping centre of Bexleyheath. This is a lot more local and I have consequently visited it a bit more often than the one that is further afield.

I have had a good chat with the manager on a couple of occasions now but unfortunately I am unable to get down there to game still as my work finishes so late that I don't get home until the gaming time has prettty much ended. Still, that does not stop me popping in for a browse around the shelves and taking a look at the gaming tables and painted minis in the cabinets.

I got chatting to a fellow gamer in the shop today who runs a gaming club in Belvedere - I may very well pop down there if the timing is right work wise. It would be nice to supplement my Wednesday night RPg stuff with some tabletop battles. It might also make me pull my finger out and get some figure painted this year!
Picture courtesy of Games Workshop's website

Anyway, back to the main point of this article; White Dwarf #12.

I missed this particular issue going on sale last week but found out via The One Ring forum that it contained some The Hobbit SBG material. As this is so few and far between I decided to try to track it down. The manager of my new local shop had a few copies put by out the back just in case rather than send all of them back to head office for shredding - good man! I duly picked up a copy. Here is a brief run down of what is on offer inside...

32 page magazine with a soft card cover
The new Citadel Tool Set (5 1/2 pages)
An Unexpected Journey battle report (4)
Sprues and Glue hobby article (4)
Paint Splatter hobby article (2)
Weekly Roundup snippets (2/3 of a page)
GW Staff The Hobbit armies (1)
Mini Picture (glossy back page)

So, we have 6 2/3 pages of The Hobbit material and 11 1/2 pages of generic hobby related material. Not as good as the contents of WD#08 but for 15-20 minutes read on a Saturday afternoon with a cup of tea and a slice of cake it is not bad value for money (£2.40). I will continue to pick up more of the magazines that contain The Hobbit material (and I hope this brief article encourages others to do so) in the hope that it spikes the sales figures thus drawing Games Workshop's attention to the player base for the SBG and encourage them to produce more material for its undoubtedly large fan base.

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