Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Day Off work

Normally when I take a day off work I have something else to do. Not so today. I have a day where I can do what I like until 3pm when I collect the kids from school.

Sooo, I have taken the opportunity to catch up with my gaming and later on will get some reading and DVD watching done.

I have written up the latest foray into Khorvaire below. We are four weeks into the adventure (but three of us have only played for 3 of them) and things are developing nicely. The DM is good at keeping the suspense going and is not a full on hack and slash merchant (which is nice). There are the occasional fights, granted, but they do not detract from the otherwise supernatural feel of the adventure. I am certainly looking forward to next week's foray.

Also, below, you will find the finally completed Chronicle Hobgoblins. Along with dozens of other minis, they have been sat on my paint station for several weeks in an almost finished state. Why is it I can paint them up to almost completion and then stop?

During the last few months I have been buying up the remaining Games Workshop metal minis that I need to complete certain armies before everything turns Finecast TM. I have missed out on the Dwarf Captains/Banner Bearers now though, so I will have to resort to Ebay for those I think. I will next be moving onto the realms of Men to complete those collections. Alex has been busy accruing the last few Elves he needs.

We also put in an order to Forlorn Hope Games. They stock a wide variety of old skool figures at very reasonable prices that include the P&P. Check them out. I ordered up a few Dwarfs for HotT, a Halfling to play Korum, and Alex ordered five more Elves to add another spear regiment to his HotT Elven army. I will try to clean up and put some primer onto the Halfling today if I get the time. Hopefully I can get him to a half decent state ready for gaming next week. I just hope he doesn't suffer from new figure syndrome and die in the first adventure he is used for!


  1. Let me know what LotR minis you are after and I'll have a root around the giant box of unused LotR minis I have lying around.



  2. Hi John,

    That is a very kind offer (obviously a fair price will be paid for all those required). I will have a check over the next week or so and work out which ones I have missing. If you could contact me on, so I can then drop you a private email back with this list.

    Many thanks,