Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy 59

Well, I succumbed to yet another magazine today. Whilst browsing in Smith's waiting for my train to arrive on Platform 7 at Victoria Station, I decided this would be a definite one for me. Lots and lots of Viking goodness.

Used without permission - Karwansaray Publishers

Contents of interest to me, is as follows...
pp18-21 - Ancients scenario (Pyrrhus vs Sparta)
pp28-53 - Lots of Viking based articles
pp58-60 - Playtest of War and Conquest rules
pp62-63 - Article on the Army Painter Dip that I use for most of my models

Quite a bit this month in actual fact, and a lot to get my teeth into. I have the Gripping Beast plastic Viking box set, so I think I will have to make use of them very soon. I may have to invest in the Saga rules soon just to see how they play. I have tons of Normans and Vikings, so these may be the two factions I will start with.

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