Sunday, 4 March 2012

Songs of Splintered Lands - The Druid's Children

At long last I have finished up some of the Splintered Light minis that Dunc ordered up for me several months ago. These were about 90% done within only a week or two of getting them, but for some reason I ground to a halt on them, always finding something else to do rather than finish them. This happened with some of my Roman units too. Anyway, at least I was able to get the brushes out recently and finish a large part of them. I have split them into warbands and colour coded them accordingly...

Otter Warband...

Hare Warband...

Squirrel Warband...

These figures always remind me of the children's cartoon Redwall (based on Brian Jacques' books of the same name). Perhaps that was Splintered Light's intentions? Anyway, they certainly got me pulled into the world of the Splintered Lands; specifically the Druid's Children faction. The miniatures bring to mind the adventures of Martin the Warrior, Basil Stag Hare and Cluny the Scourge. Its great having kids to introduce one to these things, and even better when they take an interest in dad's toys.

Last weekend I ordered up a few minis from EBob's Rebellion range. For once, these were not for me or Alex, but my two daughters. They have been busy today putting some paint onto one of them each. Once they are completed I will photograph them and stick them up here on the blog. These are their first minis, and apart from the cutting and gluing, they will be doing all of the rest.


  1. Looking good! Particularly like the squirrel with the bandage on his head. Obviously a veteran of many campaigns!!

  2. Hurrah!

    I look forward to battling them in due course... you'll be needing some Badgers though, lest you want them to die horribly.

    I'll crack on with the Goblin warband this week