Thursday, 8 March 2012

Songs of Splintered Lands - The Druid's Children II

A few more miniatures for my Splintered Lands collection were finished up today. I just had to varnish them and add some static grass, so it wasn't too much effort.

First up are a Mouse Warband, very much based on the Redwall colour scheme...

Next up is a collection of miniatures that are not part of any other warband. I do not know what the first one is, but the middle one is a hedgehog and the right hand miniature is a mole...

I still have two more sets of figures to complete; a couple of badgers for a bit of heavy-hitting and a small warband of shrews. I hope to complete these at the weekend.

I am also toying with whether to start on the Chronicle Hobgoblins or my massive Norman mounted contingent next. I'll see how the paint brush falls this weekend and take it from there. It may even be something completely new to the workbench.

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