Sunday, 18 September 2011

Vanguard Veterans

It has been a while since I posted last. Last weekend I was working, the weekend before I wasn't feeling too good and the weekend before that nothing was ready to go up on the blog.

Alex and I have been busy and got a few things completed and a few others closer to completion. Over the next few days I will report on Alex's recent output as he has managed to get quite a bit more done than I and there is a bit more of a theme to his work.

First up are some Vanguard Veterans. These are the new resin Citadel Finecast. They came out of the box pretty well except for one slight mould imperfection on a shoulder pad which was put right with a strip of green stuff. Alex moved away from the block painting and 'Dip' with these. He has put on the paint in a 3-Stage process and 'dirtied' the white areas with a light wash of Devlan Mud. They were then dulled down with the usual matt spray varnish. These have been photo'd with each member of the squad getting prime focus each time.

First up is what I used to call a 'womble head', but I think Games Workshop prefer the term 'Beaked' helmet. I think I'll still call them Womble Heads as it keeps me in touch with my youth and the first set of Space Marines I ever bought...

This chap is the sergeant of the squad - noted by his red helmet...

Next up should be some more of Alex's WH40K stuff, as well as a few LotR and Brytenwalda figures he had lying around that he has now finished. My stuff will be presented after I have put up Alex's figures, so hopefully the next few days will have them all displayed.


  1. He's coming along well now Mike - the highlights seem a bit abrupt, but that might just be the camera/lighting.

    How's the Splintered Lands stuff going? ;)

  2. Thanks Dunc.

    I did talk to him about the highlights and about making them more subtle, but he wanted the colour differential to be like that. Artistic licence I guess?

    I have nearly finished those Splintered Lands, erm, chaps(?). I have done a basic block colour scheme but I am not sure whether to do any highlighting or shading on them - are they too small for that (my eyes say 'Yes' when holding the paint brush but 'No' when they are on the painting table). However, seeing those on your blog makes me want to make a bit more effort so I am stuck in a bit of a limbo with them.

  3. Ah, leave him to it - he'll find his own style in time.

    We have new scenery to fight over - if we ever get that far - finally heard back from my scenery maker. See the blog.