Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Roman Auxiliary Spearmen and Legate

I was really busy over the weekend just gone, so I didn't get time for my usual Sunday evening post. I managed to get quite a bit of painting done but only a few figures were finished.

The first mini I completed was this Warlord Games Legate. I now have a proper army leader to go along with all those legionaries and auxiliaries.

Next up is another squad of Auxiliary spearmen.

The painting tally is slowly incrementing but I do have quite a few minis that are almost there. My list of almost completed, aside from the remaining couple of Roman auxiliary units is as follows...
A couple of stands of Numidian cavalry for use as riders in my HotT barbarian army
About 15 or so Celts
A few mounted RPG characters
An Amazon priestess for use in my HotT barbarian army
A couple of early Space Marines
The Rohan army got a little bit of treatment too. I have now painted all of the Riders' horses, saddle blankets and saddles - just the reins to go.

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