Sunday, 29 August 2010

Roman Auxiliary Spear unit

I managed to finish the command part of the Roman Auxiliary Spear unit this weekend. I haven't been able to buy the matt spray yet, but was able to eke out a last huzzah from the can that died on me last week. Anyway, here is the command section - a centurion, cornicern and signifer from Warlord Games' Early Imperial Roman range.

I also managed to photograph the entire unit, including the legate bringing up the rear. I really need to get a new photo 'studio' sorted out. Things have improved greatly since I first started out on the blog, but now I feel I need to push things a bit more.

Next up will be one of any of the following: a couple of early Space Marines, a couple of stands of Numidian cavalry to be used as HotT barbarian riders, some Celts and a few fantasy figures. However, none will go up until I get some more varnish, so it may be a week or two before the next photo goes up on the blog.
This weekend I was busy again down at the Kent Archaeological Field School. I was looking at bones and burials this time. I was there for two days looking at various Medieval and Iron Age/Roman skeletons and skulls and learning how to determine age, sex & gender (yes they are different things) and how to recognise the ways in which disease manifests itself in the skeletal system. It was a fantastic two days and I learned a heck of a lot. That should be the lot for my archaeological outings this year though as the season is rapidly drawing to a close.


  1. Was that in the beautiful old Oast House they have there?

  2. Yes, it was. They have several courses throughout the year based there as well as their yearly dig at one of the numerous sites located within a short drive of the oast.
    Little Odo