Sunday, 25 October 2009

Orcs versus Dwarfs

I have had a very busy weekend gaming wise, after achieving literally nothing through the week. I have started work on a Knights of Legend replacement website (see details in previous post), a sci-fi website (collating data at the moment) and finished painting a few minis for Hordes of the Things. I have also undercoated a load more minis whilst the weather was still good - some old Citadel 2000AD Judge Dredd minis, a couple of giants, a dragon and some elves for Alex.

Here are the first of the minis I finished today. They are five of the old Asgard Dwarf range. I think they are fantastic figures and have plenty of detail and character - each one is an individual. Luckily I still have another dozen or so to paint up.

Next up are another bunch of Harboth's Black Mountain Boys. These are the second stand for my orc army. I have enough of these minis for one more stand of blades and a stand for Harboth and his standard. Unfortunately, I never got round to getting the musician (EBay?) set like I did with Bugman's Dwarf Rangers.

Finally here's a picture of the old adversaries squaring up in a woodland somewhere in the northern wilderness. I can't wait to get onto more of these figures - they are a joy to paint.
Next up should be some wizards, a troll, a giant and some more orcs. Hopefully I can get onto those 2000AD minis too - I'm really looking forward to those.
This week I shall be busy trying to get the Knights of Legend site up to date. It is a long process as I have to convert every page ready for the new site, but it'll be worthwhile.

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