Friday, 30 March 2018


A new D&D 5e campaign - Ravenloft

After a long hiatus from gaming in general, I am slowly getting my act together and becoming involved in my hobby a bit more.

Out of the blue, a few weeks back, I got an invite from my old RP Haven gaming buddy RM. He asked me whether I wanted to play in a new D&D 5e Ravenloft campaign due to start at the beginning of April. As my life is slowly coming back together again after a couple of really horrendous years I jumped at the chance.

RM put me in touch with the DM, who outlined what was required characterwise, and I duly conjured into life Meegosh Krackle - Gnome Wizard extraordinaire. JD, the DM, mentioned that he had managed to get hold of a little gnome figurine, so Meegosh will come alive on the tabletop too. The game will start with all characters at 5th level, so I am expecting a reasonably tough campaign. I cannot wait to get started.

What with my son's interest in the GW side of things (Bloodbowl and Warhammer fantasy), my latest purchase of Adventures in Middle-Earth, and now some 5th edition D&D, I can truly say that my interest in gaming is coming back again. I have started reading gaming blogs again and now want to get some painting done, but I need to make sure my eyes are up to the job - I have yet to try out those new glasses I got last year specifically for painting.

I have just had a week off work (enforced due to having worked over my 55 day quota for the last quarter), so I used some of that time to sort out loads of minis that I began painting last year. Now I just need to sort out some paints - one of my cats had the audacity to pee all over my gaming stuff last year and I had to throw away dozens of paints, brushes, scenery items and even a few miniatures due to the overbearing stench of ammonia. Even after several washes, a good soaking, bleaching and so on, the smell just would not fade; the only place they could go was the bin. Unfortunately a lot of the colours I used on my Gondor, Rohan and Easterling miniatures last year are not replaceable since GW changed their paint ranges. Not sure what to do here - do I try to hunt down pots of the old paint range in hobby shops, find out if anyone stocks them under a differemnt banner or try to find a nearest match?

Hopefully the blog will get a little more love over the coming months and I can finally get some of those Lord of the Rings miniatures painted ready for the gaming table and their first actual game (Dragon Rampant, Battle Companies, Adventures in Middle Earth).

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